Our supplier applications

Reflecting our continuous improvement approach, Safran Aircraft Engines has for several years now been making use of new technologies to optimize supplier relations.

  • e-Supplier is an Internet portal dedicated to suppliers and their contacts at Safran Aircraft Engines. It hosts applications organized by sector: e-Supply, e-Reception, e-Doc, e-Users.
  • e-Echanges portal is used to manage the transmission and reception of all types of technical data between Safran Aircraft Engines and its suppliers.
  • e-PlateauVirtuel portal offers a set of collaborative spaces for each sector tandem team between Safran Aircraft Engines and the outside company.
  • e-Qualité addresses non-quality events.
  • Verteego REACh Garden is a secure cloud platform providing traceability of chemical substances in articles from our suppliers. 
  • WeSHARE The portal automates the process of Export Control classification by the supplier.  Instead of exchanging files by e-mail, the supplier completes the ECCF directly on the weSHARE portal.
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