Continuous improvement

Supplier performance

Safran Aircraft Engines implements a continuous improvement approach with its suppliers based on Safran Group's Requirements (SAFe) and supports it throughout the relationship. - Download here
In addition, we distribute annual awards to suppliers who have shown outstanding performance in terms of logistics, quality, HSE, etc.


  1. Supplier Performance Award: created in late 2010, this award recognizes suppliers who have delivered outstanding quality and logistics performance for six months in a row, with an on-time delivery rate exceeding 98%.

  2. Golden Supplier Performance Award: an additional award that recognizes suppliers who have won four consecutive Supplier Performance Awards.

Safran Aircraft Engines also offers its suppliers an improvement method that is being applied widely within the company, and known as QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control). Already proven in other industries, it is designed to speed up the resolution of problems on production lines by addressing them immediately.


Supplier innovation

Innovation does not just refer to revolutionary technologies and disruptive products, but also local imaginative solutions, which bolster a company's competitiveness day after day.
At Safran Aircraft Engines, innovation is everybody's business. Each year the company organizes a competition that recognizes the most promising initiatives, the Innovation Awards. 
In 2014, it was also opened to suppliers to further nurture the emergence and sharing of new ideas. This competition provides an ideal opportunity to publicize each supplier's dynamic innovation, show their improvement initiatives and spotlight their contribution to Safran Aircraft Engines' strategy and progress.

To contribute to the Suppliers innovation contest, please contact your lead buyer.

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