To maintain greater control over the development of jointly-produced engines, Snecma is in the process of deploying a software solution. The aim of this solution is to harmonize our reference standards for technical data and coordination, improve real-time information sharing and ensure its circulation among all people concerned, both inside and outside the company.

Starting this month (February 2011), Snecma is progressively rolling out the Teamcenter Community, which will enable us to create collaborative working spaces between Snecma and another company (companies in the Safran group, partners, suppliers, service providers). These spaces are accessible via a Web portal for a defined user group within Snecma and another, external group in order to exchange technical or administrative data. There may also be several collaborative working spaces for an external company, depending on user needs.

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Our changing requirements and our goal of working with the best suppliers in the world means that we are constantly seeking new suppliers, with whom we develop long-term relationships. If you would like to let us know about your company and discuss opportunities of working together, click here.



Our supplier applications ensure an efficient working environment and communications with Snecma. Your can find out more about the applications provided to suppliers to facilitate and organize communications and business by clicking here.

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