Plasma thrusters: ideally suited to new orbital injection strategies

Safran Aircraft Engines pioneered electric propulsion systems in Europe. Today, to address changing orbital injection strategies for satellites, we are developing a wide range of plasma thrusters and propulsion systems that will help increase the payload on geostationary satellites, while also reducing launch costs.

The steerable thruster module assembly, or TMA, was developed by Safran Aircraft Engines for a geostationary telecom satellite. Designed for orbital control, it comprises two plasma thrusters, one nominal and one backup, a two-axis steering mechanism, a fuel (xenon) control unit, an active thermal control unit, a locking system for launch, an electronic filtering device and a power electronics unit to manage the electrical and T&C (telemetry and command) interfaces. It has equipped 8 communications satellites launched between 2004 and 2015.

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