Plasma thrusters: ideally suited to new orbital injection strategies

Safran Aircraft Engines pioneered electric propulsion systems in Europe. Today, to address changing orbital injection strategies for satellites, we are developing a wide range of plasma thrusters and propulsion systems that will help increase the payload on geostationary satellites, while also reducing launch costs.

The PPS®5000 plasma thruster is specifically designed for "all-electric" satellites. Its ability to operate in high-thrust or high-specific impulsion mode, as well as its specified service life of around 15,000 h, enables it to carry out orbit insertion and station-to-station missions for a wide range of telecommunication satellites, and to equip navigation or exploration satellites. This thruster has passed all stages of development and is now entering its service life qualification phase.

As part of the Neosat program, the Project Managers of Thales Alenia Space and Airbus Defense and Space, together with ESA and CNES, jointly selected the PPS®5000 as an electric thruster for their next-generation telecommunication satellite platforms.

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