Plasma thrusters: ideally suited to new orbital injection strategies

Safran Aircraft Engines pioneered electric propulsion systems in Europe. Today, to address changing orbital injection strategies for satellites, we are developing a wide range of plasma thrusters and propulsion systems that will help increase the payload on geostationary satellites, while also reducing launch costs.

The PPS®1350-E, based on the PPS®1350-G, is the only of its kind on the world market: It offers higher power, providing a significant increase in thrust (+ 50%) and specific impulse. It has the advantage of operating with the same mechanical, electrical and fluid interfaces as the primary propulsion system. In July 2014, the thruster successfully passed endurance testing of 6,700 cumulative hours, representing a total impulse* of 3.4 MNs, a world record for this class of thruster. Testing was conducted in vacuum conditions at a testing facility of the Safran Aircraft Engines site in Vernon.

In 2015, following its successful qualification, the PPS1350-E was selected by Space Systems/Loral to equip its telecommunication platforms.

*The total impulse is the product of the thrust divided by the running time
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