The Vulcain®2 cryogenic engine, developing about 300,000 lb of thrust, powers the main stage of Ariane 5. Derived from the original Vulcain® engine, it offer 20% higher thrust and was flight-qualified during an Ariane 5 ECA launch on February 12, 2005. Originally designed for an Ariane 5 to be used on manned missions, Vulcain® engines have logged successful missions for the last 11 plus years in a row.

As the Vulcain prime contractor, Snecma coordinates a European industrial team including Techspace Aero (a fellow Safran company), Astrium GmbH, Avio and GKN Aerospace Sweden.

A new version, Vulcain®2.1, will be developed for the main stage of Ariane 6.

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