Supporting best-selling engines for single-aisle commercial jets

EngineLife® by Snecma


Snecma provides all CFM56® users with a wide range of support services, under the EngineLife® brand. These world-class services cover the entire life cycle of the engine.

As a world leader of the MRO market for the CFM56, our overriding goal is to reduce engine removals and maintenance costs. Snecma deploys the skills needed, through our network of shops and OEM expertise, to provide all customers – whether airlines, operators or leasing firms – with the same top-flight service anywhere in the world.

Snecma also provides full customer support for CFM56 engines, which means that we are in permanent contact with our customers and their requirements. Building on 40 years of customer experience, we deploy a team of permanent reps, a 24/7 call center, a dedicated Customer Web Center, and a training center offering more than 90 different programs.

We are also developing innovative services based on the advanced analysis of flight data, and a slate of expert, value-added consulting services from our seasoned staff.