Repair/spare parts

EngineLife® also means the supply of spare parts and parts repair for all engines in the CFM56® family.

OEM-guaranteed quality and traceability


Safran Aircraft Engines supplies new and refurbished CFM56 parts, along with parts repair, for a number of MRO providers worldwide, including MRO shops, airlines, etc. Of course, we also supply our own global MRO network.

All of our industrial and distribution facilities are constantly on the alert to give our customers the best possible choice in terms of price and asset value, with OEM-guaranteed quality and traceability.

New parts

Safran Aircraft Engines supplies all new parts for all CFM56 versions in service. To ensure optimum customer service, we call on a semi-automated warehouse spanning some 20,000 square meters (216,000 sq ft) in Villaroche, near Paris. CFM International operates another CFM56 parts distribution center, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Safran Aircraft Engines' distribution center manages more than 11,000 different part numbers, 24/7. On average, we handle 7,000 (one or several parts) orders a week, which means 4,7 million parts per year. These orders come from a number of different customers in the assigned CFM commercial zone under Safran Aircraft Engines' responsibility, covering half the world: MRO shops, airlines, Safran Aircraft Engines' own MRO network, etc.

The new parts distributed by Safran Aircraft Engines, 100% produced and guaranteed by the CFM56 OEM, allow operators to control their maintenance costs, extend on-wing engine life and maximize asset value.

Contact: CFM's Customer Web Center (CWC) or Snecma's Customer Support Center (CSC)

Refurbished parts

CFM Materials, an equally-owned subsidiary of GE and Safran Aircraft Engines specializing in pre-owned parts for CFM56 engines, offers a large stock of these parts, with OEM guaranteed quality and traceability. CFM Materials quickly meets the needs of MRO shops from around the world.

Parts repair

Safran Aircraft Engines offers a complete range of repair services for parts and accessories on all models of the CFM56, from parts in the core (turbine blades, nozzles, rings, shrouds and hangers, combustors), to the low-pressure section (fan blades and disks, guide vanes, compressors, shafts, rotating parts, cases). These repairs are performed by 11 center of excellence in Safran Aircraft Engines' global MRO network, which constantly upgrades its capabilities. A new repair shop specializing in high-pressure turbine parts was opened in 2014 in Querétaro, Mexico, SAMES Repair.

Safran Aircraft Engines develops and applies over 200 new repair procedures a year, on average, calling on state-of-the-art technologies and expertise.

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