CFM Services: ready to LEAP!

Safran Aircraft Engines and GE are pooling their talents to create CFM Services, a global maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network for the new LEAP® engine.

Open network and wide range of services


CFM Services offers a wide range of services, with packages adapted to each LEAP customer, depending on their business model, fleet size and trends. The network is built on an array of custom-tailored services.  

CFM Services' flexibility is reflected in the different types of service contracts on offer, ranging from conventional Time & Materials to "by the hour" offers (rate per flight hour, or RPFH). Customers can choose the solution that best matches their needs: fixed or time payments, coverage of main risks, or complete coverage during the entire operating life of the engine, shop visit market rates, or overseen and guaranteed by the OEM. In the final analysis, CFM Services gives operators a large degree of flexibility in fleet management, and always allows them to plan well ahead for their maintenance expenses.

The CFM attitude: an open network

CFM Services has retained the basic approach of the current open MRO network for the CFM56. To foster global competition among all MRO players, the LEAP maintenance network will be open to independent repair shops certified by CFM.

An open MRO network is especially important for CFM's customers. Competition between the different shops, whether CFM, airline maintenance arms, or independents, will drive down shop visit costs and encourage a dynamic spare parts market. Unlike a closed maintenance network, controlled by a single OEM, the CFM service network will play a major role in enhancing engine residual values after several years of operation – and don't forget that engines account for more than 50% of the value of an aircraft after 10 years of operation… and 85% after 15 years!

Top-flight MRO from CFM Services

The MRO shops certified by CFM Services will uphold all CFM commitments in terms of maintenance quality, reliability and customer relations. They will offer top-flight services, on a par with those provided by CFM's parent companies, and they will be partners in CFM's own continuous improvement plan. Chosen for their location and technical know-how, these shops will play a key role in the broad geographic coverage that CFM will offer all LEAP customers.

CFM has teamed up with three partners to handle maintenance tool production and distribution. Each of these companies offers CFM customers the full array of tools needed for on-wing or shop maintenance, and provides any required assistance in their use :

CFM support

The CFM Services network benefits from the firepower wielded by Safran Aircraft Engines and GE in terms of customer support. CFM Services' advantages include:

  • More than 60 Customer Support Managers (CSM) worldwide
  • 160 technicians and reps assigned to airlines
  • 36,000 requests handled yearly by the Customer Support Centers (CSC) in Paris, Cincinnati and Shanghai
  • 65,000 monthly connections to the CFM Customer Web Center (CWC)
  • 6 on-site support centers  
  • 5 training centers on 3 continents.
  • 3 customer support and diagnostic centers
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