Asset management

Safran Aircraft Engines protects the value of the assets deployed by our customers, whether operators or owners.

Preserve the value of your engines


Engines are a vital part of overall aircraft value: they represent 35% of the value of a new aircraft, and 85% after 15 years.

Conserving this residual or resale value is a primary goal of the air transport industry, especially low-cost carriers and leasing firms.

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Technology improvement kits

Safran Aircraft Engines incorporates technology improvement kits developed by CFM into CFM56 engines, in line with customer requirements. These kits include the latest innovations, especially 3D aero design and new materials. They help significantly reduce fuel consumption, increase parts durability and life on-wing, and also boost margins in terms of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions, thus reducing cost of engine ownership, while also preserving value across the entire life cycle. Engines incorporating complete or partial improvement kits are totally interchangeable with other engines of the same type.


Launched in 2008 by CFM International, TRUEngine is a loyalty program providing a guarantee to owners and operators of engines with the TRUEngine™ label that their engines have been serviced according to CFM manuals and recommendations. The TRUEngine label allows the quick evaluation of the status of an engine, which maximizes its resale value. More than 8,300 CFM56 engines out of a total of 23,000 in service (at March 31,2015) are covered by this program.

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Engine dismantling

Safran Aircraft Engines, through subsidiary Tarmac Aerosave (Tarbes Advanced Recycling & Maintenance Aircraft Company), can handle the disassembly and recycling of parts and materials on CFM56 engines at end of life. These operations increase the residual value of engines at the end of revenue service.

In addition to its engine dismantling business, Tarmac Aerosave offers a wide range of services, including storage and maintenance, plus complete aircraft dismantling, at two facilities in Europe, with total capacity exceeding 250 aircraft.

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Engine leasing

Through Shannon Engine Support (SES), a subsidiary of CFM International, Safran Aircraft Engines offers a personalized CFM56 engine leasing service, for the short, medium or long term.

Based in Shannon, Ireland, with offices in Beijing, Budapest and Singapore, SES manages a portfolio of over 200 CFM56 engines.

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