Safran Aircraft Engines, a major partner on large turbofans

Safran Aircraft Engines is a long-standing partner to GE on the large turbofan engines powering widebody jetliners. We provide support services on the GE90 and GP7000 engine parts and modules under our responsibility, and also supply spare parts and MRO services.

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Safran Aircraft Engines is GE's exclusive partner for the maintenance and repair of the low-pressure compressor on the GE90-94B and GE90-115B engines, and the high-pressure compressor on the GE90 and GP7000.


Safran Aircraft Engines provides maintenance services for modules on the large GE90 and GP7000 engines at our shop in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in the greater Paris area. To adjust our capacity to changing workloads, we have also signed subcontracting agreements for GE90 maintenance with third-party shops that only use original parts from Safran Aircraft Engines.



A growing fleet

According to Safran Aircraft Engines' forecasts, more than 8,000 new widebody jetliners will be delivered from now to 2032. This segment is expected to show the greatest growth in the market, from 3,500 aircraft today to nearly 8,500 in 2032. This is a 2.4-fold increase, and the number of GE90-115B and GP7000 shop visits will also more than double.

Spare parts and repairs

Safran Aircraft Engines makes the parts needed by MRO shops for the GE90 and GP7000 modules under its responsibility. The overall spare parts requirement throughout the life cycle of these engines is integrated in the production requirements for Safran's global supply chain. Deliveries are ensured by the company's own supply chain.

Safran Aircraft Engines also applies its expertise to develop and apply repair techniques offering significant financial savings.





Laser reconstruction of blisks

The LMD technique reconstructs the piece by the local addition of a material. On these blisks, a metallic power is melted by a laser beam. The spray head used to direct these powders, along with the laser beam, are computer-controlled using a 5-axis machine tool, for extremely precise positioning. For the GE90's blisks, the repair specifically concerns the tips of the 28 blades on this part, machined from a single block of titanium (Ti17). If inspections during a shop visit diagnose sufficient wear on the blade tips, the part is eligible for this recharging operation. The advantages of this new technique are less distortion than with traditional methods and more precise addition of material. It will eventually be applied to Snecma's own engines.

Customer support

Safran Aircraft Engines works with GE to provide continuous 24/7 customer support via its Customer Support Center (CSC). We are supporting nearly 2,000 GE90 and 400 GP7000 engines deployed by about 50 operators.

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