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Reliability and maintainability

The support services deployed by Safran Aircraft Engines for the new Silvercrest® business jet engine address the specific needs of the business aviation sector. Whether these customers use their aircraft for professional or personal travel, they demand top-flight reliability, any time and any place.

The keys to impeccable dispatch reliability are the maintainability and intrinsic reliability of the engine, all designed into the Silvercrest engine. Built to the highest standards of the aviation industry, this new Safran Aircraft Engines engine features advanced technologies that have undergone comprehensive ground and flight test programs to prove their maturity, even under the harshest conditions. In addition to its inherent qualities, the Silvercrest® benefits from a tailored support network, giving its operators real peace of mind and protecting the engine's residual value.

Support network

The sun never sets on the world of business aircraft owners and operators! Which means that the Silvercrest® support network is also up and running 24/7. It is built around three customer hubs, in Dallas, Texas, for the Americas, Paris, for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, and Singapore for the entire Asia-Pacific zone. A single call center, dubbed SilverConnect, will be dedicated to Silvercrest® support services. It will call on the three customer hubs to answer operator questions and requests around the clock. If needed, SilverConnect will coordinate work by Safran Aircraft Engines' Engine Teams in their hub's geographic zone, with technicians dispatched directly on site. Each customer hub will have its own stock of replacement engines and spare parts.

Local representatives at the world's major business airports will provide operating support for each customer – a role that is particularly important when the aircraft enters service.


The Silvercrest® engine comes with an innovative solution derived from practices in commercial aviation, unprecedented in the business aviation sector. To better meet operators' demanding reliability requirements, Silvercrest® incorporates ForeVisionTM, an exclusive solution that provides real-time monitoring of engine performance and readings.
More than 1,500 engine parameters are tracked in flight, using embedded sensors. This information allows the real-time monitoring of 30 key functions, including engine performance, and the engine's lubrication, fuel and filtering systems. The ForeVisionTM  system automatically transmits reports, several times a flight summarizing each of about 50 main indicators, calculated by powerful onboard algorithms. These reports are analyzed by specialized ground crews, and the most urgent info is immediately transmitted to the engine manufacturer. Safran Aircraft Engines analyzes this data and, if needed, determines maintenance recommendations and sends them to the operator.

ForeVisionTM allows each customer to schedule the appropriate preventive maintenance operations.


Safran Aircraft Engines has also created a dedicated bizjet service offering for this new engine, dubbed SilverCare®.

SilverCare® designates a range of service and maintenance by the hour contracts specifically designed to meet the requirements of bizjet users. It has three overriding objectives: ensure maximum availability, retain asset value and contribute to peace of mind.

SilverCare® primarily covers shop visits, on-wing maintenance, standard parts replacements and LRU (line replaceable units), plus specific warranties and leasing of spare engines.

Silvercare® includes different options to meet each customer's requirements, from optimizing engine value to an all-inclusive package. All of these offers depend on custom-tailored support and the proven performance of Safran Aircraft Engines' MRO network.

On-condition maintenance

Most business jet engines today have to be removed and serviced at regular intervals ("hard time").

The Silvercrest® was designed from the ground up, and subsequently certified for on-condition maintenance. Which means it doesn't have to be removed for servicing at fixed times, but according to a personalized maintenance schedule based on data from the ForeVisionTM system and on-wing inspections. Based on a sophisticated, real-time analysis of flight data, only reaching the operational limits on certain parameters or parts can lead to the removal of an engine for a shop visit.

Which means that the engine can remain in service for a long time, all the way up to the time stipulated by critical Life Limited Parts (LLP).

Safran Aircraft Engines draws on over 30 years of experience in on-condition maintenance in the commercial aviation market.

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