Services : our expertise geared to your requirements

As an engine manufacturer, Safran Aircraft Engines knows the engines deployed by its customers better than anyone. We call on the expertise and proven performance of our global maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network to offer operators a wide range of services, from on-wing maintenance to complete shop visits, plus optimized fleet management.

Both operators and passengers demand aircraft reliability, the key to effective air transport. Safran Aircraft Engines offers a complete range of innovative services to enhance our customers' operations and allow them to focus on their core business, of transporting people and/or goods. Our service business is anchored in a three-pronged objective: to understand, meet and even anticipate operators' needs, anywhere in the world and around the clock, all year long. Our services are built on our long experience as an original engine manufacturer, and cover the entire engine life cycle, from design to service entry to dismantling at end-of-life. We offer personalized support, on-wing and shop maintenance, spare part and engine distribution, engineering and consulting services, etc.

Maximize your asset value!

The value of its engines is a major part of aircraft value. Engines account for 35% of the value of a new aircraft… and 85% after 15 years! Today, residual value is more than ever a primary concern of aircraft owners and operators. Safran Aircraft Engines has the full array of expertise needed to retain maximum residual value for all airlines, operators, leasing firms and owners, building on its unrivaled MRO performance, innovative services, support tailored to each customer, and cumulated experience of 800 million hours in flight by the entire engine fleet.

  • 11,000
    aircraft in service
    powered by CFM56 engines
  • 1
    million flight-hours/week
  • 25,000
    commercial engines and modules
    repaired by Snecma
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