Safran Aircraft Engines, the leading military engine manufacturer in europe

The military aircraft engines developed by Safran Aircraft Engines cover a wide range of combat, transport and training missions. No matter what the assigned operation, we give today's armed forces engines offering world-class performance and operating costs, combined with local support keyed to their exact requirements.

Safran Aircraft Engines develops, produces and supports military aircraft engines that meet our customers' demanding requirements, by drawing on many years of combat-proven performance and a vision largely shared with aircraft manufacturers.

Our engines cover the full range of defense missions, including combat, training and transport. Produced by Safran Aircraft Engines alone or in partnership, these engines power the Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighters, the A400M transport and Boeing aircraft used for surveillance, in-flight refueling and transport. 

With about 4,700 engines deployed by some 30 customers from around the world, powering 20 different aircraft types, Safran Aircraft Engines also supports these fleets worldwide via a full slate of services: on-site presence at bases, spare parts, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and through-life support packages. Safran Aircraft Engines supports armed forces by tailoring its services to their exact requirements, allowing them to focus on their core defense mission.

Combat and training aircraft/Strategic and tactical support aircraft/Support services .

Combat-proven in theaters around the world

The missions assigned to combat aircraft – air superiority, interception, reconnaissance, fire support, ground attack, even nuclear deterrence – play a decisive role in protecting countries and their citizens. French armed forces have deployed Mirage 2000 and Rafale fighters in recent conflict zones, including Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Central African Republic. Safran Aircraft Engines' M53 and M88 engines, powering the Mirage 2000 and Rafale, respectively, have made a significant contribution to the success of these missions, based on proven operational capabilities and reliability in service.

  • 5,000
    engines in service,
    powering 20 aircraft types
  • M88
    the Rafale's engine
  • M53
    the Mirage 2000's engine
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