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Safran Aircraft Engines, the aircraft engine manufacturer

A world-class aircraft engine manufacturer

A maker of aircraft engines for 110 years, Safran, through its Aircraft Engines subsidiary, designs, develops, produces and markets, alone or in partnership, engines for civil and military aircraft, and for satellites. Our business is based on a clear vision of the market, unrivaled expertise, state-of-the-art production capabilities and a complete range of services for optimized engine maintenance and fleet management. 
Given the challenges of the fast-growing aviation market, Safran Aircraft Engines is building foundations for the future and planning ahead to meet customers' evolving requirements by investing in new technologies and developing engines that are even friendlier to the environment.


Safran Aircraft Engines's business is organized in four main sectors :

Commercial Engines

Safran Aircraft Engines operates in all segments of the civil aviation market, drawing on our clear vision of this market, unrivaled expertise and world-class industrial capabilities.

The global success of the CFM56® family, developed, produced and marketed by CFM International, the 50/50 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE, clearly reflects our globally recognized expertise. With more than 32,500 engines delivered (as of May 31, 2019), the CFM56 is the best selling engine in the history of aviation, and the most reliable of its generation in the single-aisle commercial jet segment. Safran Aircraft Engines and GE now produce the new-generation LEAP turbofan engine, also via CFM International, that has made its service entry in august 2016. The LEAP benefits from the top technologies of its two parent companies: new-generation composites, 3D aero design, additive manufacturing and more. CFM International has already recorded over 18,000 orders and commitments for the three versions of the LEAP®.

Safran Aircraft Engines is developing a new-generation engine to meet the growing needs of the premium business jet segment, the Silvercrest®. And we are a major contributor to the large turbofan segment, based on partnerships with GE (GE90, GP7200, CF6-80 and GE9X). Through PowerJet, our 50/50 joint company with UEC-Saturn , we make the SaM146 engine for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jet.

Military Engines

Safran Aircraft Engines offers advanced propulsion solutions to today's armed forces, including the M88 jet engine for the Rafale multirole fighter, and the TP400 turboprop engine for the Airbus A400M military airlifter, via the European consortium Europrop International. Safran Aircraft Engines designs, develops, builds, sells and supports engines for 20 different types of aircraft deployed by 30 countries. With nearly 5,000 of these engines now in service, Safran Aircraft Engines constantly demonstrates its technological expertise and competitive advantages, including 60 years of experience in making state-of-the-art military jet engines.

Space Engines

Safran Aircraft Engines designs, develops and produces propulsion systems and equipment for satellites. 


As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Safran Aircraft Engines ensures the highest possible dispatch reliability for our customers, including airlines, other operators and leasing firms. Through our support services brand EngineLife®, we give our commercial customers a complete range of fast, efficient services, tailored to each customer's specific needs. Safran Aircraft Engines deploys a global network of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops, along with 12 centers of excellence in parts repair. In short, we cover the complete engine life cycle, from service entry to dismantling.

Company Profile

Safran Aircraft Engines has 14,500 employees, working at 35 production and MRO facilities and offices worldwide. Safran Aircraft Engines is one of the world's most innovative companies – we file applications for an average of nearly 500 patents a year!


14 500 
in the world at December 31, 2020
Safran Aircraft Engines worldwide
35 loc.
14 plants in France


Leveraging Safran synergies

Safran Aircraft Engines is part of Safran, an international high-technology group, operating in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space and defense markets. Safran has a global presence, with more than 79,000 employees and sales of  16,5 billion euros in 2020. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets. Safran undertakes Research & Development programs to meet fast-changing market requirements, with total R&D expenditures of around 1.2 billion euros in 2020.
Learn more about the Safran group



Jean-Paul ALARY
Chief Executive Officer
François BASTIN
Vice President, Commercial Engines
François PLANAUD
Vice President, Material Services
Christophe BRUNEAU
Vice President, Military Engines
Vice President, Engineering, Research & Technology
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Vice President, Industrial Operations & Supply Chain
Dominique DUPUY
Vice President, Purchasing
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Marjolaine GRANGE
Vice President, Quality, Improvement Initiatives & Digital transformation
Vice President, Finance, General Counsel & Secretary
Janet Dekker
Vice President, Human Resources
Vice President, Communication



Safran Aircraft Engines's Core Values and Charter of ethics

Safran Aircraft Engines embarks on with the Safran group

The group's goals are founded on values shared by all personnel. It is corporate policy to ensure that the conduct of business complies with high standards of honesty, integrity and professional excellence.

By upholding these values the group will remain worthy of the trust placed in it by its customers, personnel, shareholders, suppliers and all of its partners.

For further information : Safran group Core values

Safran Aircraft Engines respects the Safran group Ethical Guidelines.
These ethical guidelines set forth the principles and standards common to the group as a whole, so that everyone in the group may refer to them under all circumstances.
For further information : Safran group Ethical Guidelines

Gender equality

Gender equality – SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES Rating: 89/100

Criterion No. 1: Difference in average salary between men and women 39/40

Criterion No. 2: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a raise 20/20

Criterion No. 3: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a promotion 15/15

Criterion No. 4: Whether all women received a raise on returning from a maternity/adoption leave 15/15

Criterion No. 5: Number of women in the top 10 paying positions 0/10

According to the French law of September 5, 2018, and its application decree of January 8, 2019, on "Freedom to choose your professional future" (Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel), companies must measure five gender equality indicators and publish their overall score. The primary aim of this law is to eliminate compensation discrepancies between men and women. SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES's overall score is 89/100, which exceeds the targeted threshold of 75 points as defined by the decree.

Health Safety Environment

Industrial environment

To manage the risks inherent in our industrial activities

Safran Aircraft Engines was one of the first companies in the Safran group to launch a continuous improvement initiative and certify all production sites to ISO 14001. Safran Aircraft Engines pays particular attention to waste processing, consumption of natural resources and emissions.

All company facilities have developed selective sorting, along with preventive actions to reduce waste at the source, and thus decrease the overall amount of waste produced. Based on these measures, Safran Aircraft Engines has been able to double the amount of recycled waste in just four years.

We also focus on economizing water resources, and have made a commitment to recovering and recycling wastewater from our plants. Today, the volume of reused water is ten times greater than the volume of non-recycled water.

From the energy standpoint, each facility has a monitoring plan to guarantee optimum boiler efficiency and emissions. We have also installed two co-generation units, as well as automated lighting and computer management systems.

In addition, we have undertaken studies to assess and monitor the quality of the water table and soil condition at our industrial sites. Safran Aircraft Engines applies preventive actions at all sites where needed to control potential pollution risks.

Safran's commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment


Quality, a top priority

At Safran Aircraft Engines, quality is a permanent commitment. Over the years, we have put in place a set of rigorous quality measures, including a proactive policy of continuous improvement.

These measures are all part of our Safran+ improvement plan and are designed to:

  • Further improve flight safety, which is our absolute priority
  • Meet the requirements of customers and regulations
  • Strengthen our market positions
  • Support our development and growth
Our Quality policy is anchored in five major objectives:
  • Well managed processes
  • Fundamentals of quality understood and observed by all
  • A dynamic of feedback and lessons learned
  • Products with the aim of zero defects
  • Developments conducted with rigor



To achieve these objectives, we have implemented a quality management system that complies with:

  • Applicable regulations and standards in our industry
  • Safran's quality policy and corporate values


All new employees joining our teams today attend quality training tailored to their specific jobs and duties. Our suppliers and partners are also actively involved and benefit from our support to help them achieve the quality objectives we set together.

Safran Aircraft Engines Certificates

Aeronautical certificates


europe.png EASA 21G - Europe  N°FR.21G.0007 (PDF 952 ko) 
europe.png EASA 147 - Europe N°FR147.0012 (PDF 2.1 Mo)
europe.png EASA 145 - Europe N°145.0013 (PDF 1.3 Mo) 
europe.png DSAE – Europe  EMARFR145063 (PDF 5.4 Mo)
europe.png DGA FRA21G – France  DGA-FRA21G (PDF 1.3 Mo)
europe.png  DGAC – France  FR.21G.0007 (PDF 1 Mo)
usa.jpg FAA - USA
N°NM1Y353K (PDF 195 ko)  
FR NM1Y (B) OP SPECS (PDF 589 ko)  
chine-4.png CAAC - China N°F03300160 (PDF 663.8 ko)
drapeau_canada.png TCCA - Canada  N°0897-10 (PDF 112 ko)
indonesie-2.jpg DGCA - Indonesia N°145F-225.pdf (PDF 1.4 Mo) 
inde1.jpg DGCA - India N°5-1175/95-AI (2) (PDF 414.1 ko)
sultanat-d_oman.png DGSAS- Sultanate of Oman N°AWR/AMO/SAE111/01 (PDF 1.2 Mo)
arabie_saoudite.jpg GACA - Kingdom of Saudi AMO-267F (PDF 325 Ko) 
AMO-267FA (PDF 322 Ko) 
malaisie.jpg CAAM - Malaysia N°FAMO-2017-33 (PDF 93 ko) 
drapeau_singapour.png CAAS - Singapore N°AWI/234 (PDF 174 ko) 
drapeau-vietnam.jpg CAAV - Vietnam N°VN-072NN/CAAV (PDF 957 ko) 
AMO Operations Specifications Vietnam (PDF 418 ko) 
VN - 072NN/CAAV (Temporary extension) (PDF 119 ko) 
emirats_arabes.png GCAA - United Arab Emirates N°UAE.145.1051 (PDF 1 Mo) 
bahrain.png BCAA - Bahrein N°ALD/AIR/8/5.75 (PDF 416 ko) 
brasil.png ANAC - Brasil N°0510-02/ANAC (PDF 110 ko) 
cis.jpg IAC-AR - CIS  n° CПP-91
qatar.jpg QCAA - Qatar N°QCAA/FAMO/149 (PDF 742.3 ko) 
egypte.jpg ECAA - Egypt N°ECAA/AW/AE/E0179/R4 (PDF 993.4 ko) 
AW/AE/E0179/R4 (PDF 567 ko) 
Extension ECAA (PDF 57 ko) 
mexique.png DGAC - Mexico N°CO-056/13 (PDF 1.5 Mo)
SCT-02-038;S-R/2020 (PDF 242 ko)
russie.jpg  FATARF- Russia N°285-16-100 (PDF 1.2 Mo)
afrique-du-sud.jpg SACAA - South Africa N°1295 (PDF 322 ko) 
thailande-2.jpg CAAT - Thailand N°596-2561 (PDF 1.9 Mo) 
sl.gif CAASL - Sri Lanka  CAASL.145.211 (PDF 397 ko) 
chili.jpg DGAC - Chile  E-680 (PDF 1 Mo)
drapeau-argentine.png ANAC - Argentina 1B-618 (PDF 1 Mo)
Repair Station Certification Renewal in accordance with RAAC 145 (PDF 958 ko)
drapeau-coree-du-sud.jpg MOLIT - Korea AMO F09 (PDF 1 Mo) 
koweit.jpg DGCA - Kuwait DGCA/AMO/111 (PDF 3.5 Mo) 


Other Certificates


N°EN 9001 (ISO 9001) et AQAP 2110 (PDF 436.3 ko) 
BVQI N°AS9100/EN 9100 (PDF 584.7 ko)
BVQI N°AS 9110 EN 9110 (PDF 300.4 ko) 
PRI N°NUCAP - NDT (Châtellerault) (PDF 145.1 ko) 
PRI N°NUCAP - NDT (Corbeil) (PDF 130.1 ko)
PRI N°NUCAP - NDT (Gennevilliers) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - NDT (Queretaro) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - NDT (Suzhou) (PDF 127.4 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - NDT (St Quentin en Yvelines) (PDF 127.3 ko) 
PRI N°NUCAP - NDT (Le Creusot) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NUCAP - HT (Corbeil) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NUCAP - HT (Gennevilliers) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - HT (Châtellerault) (PDF 127.3 ko) 
PRI N°NADCAP - HT (Suzhou) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - CT (Suzhou) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - CT (Corbeil) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - CT (Châtellerault) (PDF 127.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - CT (SaintQuentin en Yvelines) (PDF 1&7.3 ko) 
PRI N°NADCAP - M&I (Corbeil) (PDF 107.1 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - NM (Querétaro) (PDF 107.1 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - SE (Suzhou) (PDF 117.3 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - SE (Querétaro) (PDF 107.5 ko)
PRI N°NADCAP - WLD (Corbeil) (PDF 107.1 ko)


Subsidiaries and J.V. certificates

Aeronautical certificates

europe.png EASA - Europe - PTI N°145.4791 (PDF 163 ko)
usa.jpg FAA - USA - PTI N°XZ4R084M (PDF 5.6 Mo)
chine-4.png CAAC - China - PTI N°F00100394 (PDF 494.1 ko)
chine-4.png CAAC - China - SAESA N°F05200767 (PDF 573 ko)
europe.png EASA - Europe - SAESA N°145.0390 (PDF 494.7 ko) 
usa.jpg FAA - USA - SAESA N°3SMY129B (PDF 720 ko) 
mexique.png DGAC - Mexico - SAESA N°362 (PDF 588.4 ko) 
chili.jpg DGAC - Chile - SAESA N°E-551 (PDF 347.7 ko)
indonesie-2.jpg DGCA - Indonesia - SAESA N°145F-961 (PDF 93.5 ko)
brasil.png ANAC - Brasil - SAESA N°1712-42 (PDF 490 ko)
qatar.jpg QCAA - Qatar - SAESA N°FAMO-228 (PDF 618.2 ko) 
sultanat-d_oman.png PACA - Sultanate of Oman - SAESA N°AMO/SAFRANA/4/1/5/9321/18 
drapeau_canada.png TCCA - Canada - SAESA N°919-04 (PDF 132 ko)
arabie_saoudite.jpg GACA - Saudi Arabia - SAESA N°AMO-410F PDF 513 ko)
argentine-2.jpg ANAC - Argentina - SAESA 1B-643 PDF 513 ko) 
1B-643 Extension PDF 877 ko) 
europe.png EASA - Europe - SAESM N°145.0134 (PDF 83.5 ko)
usa.jpg FAA - USA - SAESM N°R8EY562Y (PDF 618.2 ko)  
maroc-2.jpg DAC - Morocco - SAESM N°CN-MA03/99 (PDF 381 ko) 
sultanat-d_oman.png PACA - Sultanate of Oman - SAESM N°AWR/AMO/SMES-145/08 (PDF 33 ko)
namibie.jpg Civil Aviation - Namibia - SAESM N°83 (PDF 1.2 Mo) 
emirats_arabes.png GCAA - United Arab Emirates - SAESM N°UAE.145.1097 (PDF 872 ko)
arabie_saoudite.jpg GACA - Saudi Arabia - SAESM N°AMO-381F (PDF 669 ko) 
inde1.jpg DGCA - India - SAESM N°5-1991/10-AI(2) (PDF 879.8 ko)
indonesie-2.jpg DGCA - Indonesia - SAESM N°145F-655 (PDF 1.9 Mo) 
1009652-drapeau_de_la_cote_divoire.jpg ANAC - Ivory Coast - SAESM  CI-145-105-SEM/CN-MA03/99 (PDF 1.2 Mo)
drapeau-vietnam.jpg CAAV - Vietnam - SAESM VN-468NN/CAAV (PDF 2.4 Mo)
qatar.jpg QCAA - Qatar - SAESM N°QCAA/FAMO/248 (PDF 884 ko)
mauritania.png ANAC - Mauritania - SAESM 015/2019 /DG/ANAC (PDF 1 Mo) 
malaisie.jpg CAAM - Malaysia - SAESM N°FAMO/2016/15 (PDF 93 ko) 
thailande-2.jpg CAAT - Thailand - SAESM 627/2562 (PDF 925 ko) 
europe.png EASA - Europe - SSAMC N°145.0289 (PDF 494.7 ko)
usa.jpg FAA-FAR145 - USA - SSAMC N°UQNY034X (PDF 738.5 ko)
chine-4.png CAAC - China - SSAMC N°D4302 (PDF 1.9 Mo)
indonesie-2.jpg DGCA - Indonesia - SSAMC N°145/583 (PDF 895.7 ko)
drapeau_singapour.png CAAS - Singapore - SSAMC N°AWI/355 (PDF 1,03 Mo)
drapeau_nepal_0.jpgCAAN - Nepal - SSAMC N°AMO/VAL/148/2018 (PDF 572 Ko)
thailande-2.jpg CAAT - Thailand - SSAMC N°366/2548 (PDF 1 Mo) 
drapeau-vietnam.jpg CAAV - Vietnam - SSAMC VN-622NN/CAAV (PDF 668 Ko) 
mexique.png AFAC - Mexico - SAESB N° CO-167/17 (PDF 3.6 Mo)
europe.png EASA - Europe - SAESB N°BE.145.06 (PDF 270 ko)
usa.jpg FAA - USA - SAESB N°E7NY532Y (PDF 489.3 ko) 
chine-4.png CAAC - China - SAESB N°F03200167 (PDF 199 ko)
brasil.png ANAC - Brasil - SAESB N°1310-32/ANAC (PDF 3.7 Mo) 
thailande-2.jpg CAAT - Thailand - SAESB N°413/2551 (PDF 908 ko)
emirats_arabes.png GCAA - United Arab Emirates - SAESB UAE.145.1237 (PDF 271 ko)
sultanat-d_oman.png PACA - Sultanate of Oman - SAESB AWR/AMO/SAES-B/160/11 (PDF 106 ko) 
indonesie-2.jpg DGCA - Indonesia - SAESB N°145F551 (PDF 1.4 Mo) 
inde1.jpg DGCA - India - SAESB N°5-1442/2001-A1 (PDF 1 Mo)
sl.gif CAASL - Sri Lanka - SAESB N°145.215 (PDF 1.3 Mo) 
malaisie.jpg CAAM - Malaysia - SAESB N°FAMO-2018-09 (PDF 117 ko) 
drapeau-coree-du-sud.jpg MOLIT - Korea - SAESB 2019-AMO F07 (PDF 544 ko) 
chili.jpg DGAC - Chile - SAESB CMAE N°E-671 (PDF 1.3 Mo) 
bahrain.png BCAA - Bahrein- SAESB No. ALD/AIR/8/5.151 (PDF 984 ko) 
koweit.jpg DGCA Kuwait - SAESB DGCA/AMO/105 (PDF 3.1 Mo) 
qatar.jpg QCAA - Qatar - SAESB QCAA/FAMO/250 (PDF 1.4 Mo)
vietnam.jpg CAAV - Vietnam - SAESB VN-012NN/CAAV (PDF 1.6 Mo)
drapeau_canada.png TCCA - Canada - SAESB 0821-01 (PDF 281 ko)
europe.png DGAC - France - AAS FR.145.0727 (PDF 3 Mo)
usa.jpg FAA - USA - AAS 4F0Y570D (PDF 364 ko)
drapeau_canada.png TCCA - Canada - AAS 0818-22 (PDF 55 ko)


Other certificates

BVQI AS 9100 / EN 9100 - CCC (PDF 107.3 ko)
NSF ISO 9001 / AS 9100 - PTI (PDF 2.3 Mo)
AENOR EN 9110 - SAESA (PDF 471 ko)
AENOR ISO 9001 - SAESA (PDF 500 Ko) 
IQNET ISO 9001 - SAESA (PDF 300 Ko) 
Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2000 - SAESM (PDF 371 ko)
Bureau Veritas AS9110/EN9110 - SAESM (PDF 381 ko)
Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 - SSAMC (PDF 385.3 ko)
Bureau Veritas EN 9110 / AS 9110 - SSAMC (PDF 106.7 ko) 
Bureau Veritas ISO EN 9110 : 370786-Rev0 - SAES-B (PDF 380 ko)

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