Combat and training aircraft engines

Wholly designed, developed and produced by Safran Aircraft Engines, the M88 and M53 power the Rafale and Mirage, respectively, two of the world's highest performance multirole fighters. Perfectly suited to a wide range of combat missions, these engines have largely proven their qualities in theaters around the world.

M53, the pilot's choice

Developing 20,900 lb of thrust with afterburner, the M53TM-P2 combines performance and reliability to ensure excellent handling and an extended flight envelope, all the way from very low speeds to Mach 2.2. Selected by eight air forces on four continents, this engine is highly appreciated by pilots for its carefree handling, the result of a full authority digital engine control (FADEC), which automatically regulates engine speed and maintains the airspeed chosen by the pilot. The M53TM-P2 also incorporates cutting-edge technologies to reduce the number of engine removals and maintenance costs in general.



Technical characteristics
Thrust with Post-Combustion (lbf)  21,357
Thrust without Post-Combustion (lbf) 14,388
Airflow rate (lb/s) 207.23
Length (in) 199.61
Inlet diameter (in) 31.34
Weight (lbs) 3,340
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