Combat and training aircraft engines

Wholly designed, developed and produced by Safran Aircraft Engines, the M88 and M53 power the Rafale and Mirage, respectively, two of the world's highest performance multirole fighters. Perfectly suited to a wide range of combat missions, these engines have largely proven their qualities in theaters around the world.

Larzac: setting the standard in jet trainer engines

The Larzac® engine has passed the mark of 4 million flight-hours. In service for more than 45 years, it powers the Alpha Jet trainer, de­ployed by ten air forces worldwide.

The Larzac® develops about 3,200 lb of thrust and features a fully redundant FADEC control unit. It is the bench­mark in its thrust class, ideally suited to either training or tactical support missions, powering single- or twin-en­gine aircraft. Furthermore, the Larzac® features a modular design, for easier maintenance and extended service life. 

Thrust (lbf)  3,192
Specific fuel consumption (lb/lbf.h) 0.74
Airflow (lb/s) 63.05
Turbine entry temperature (K) 1,433 (2,120°F)
Pressure ratio 11.10
Bypass ratio 1.04
Length (in) 46.73
Inlet diameter (in) 17.80
Weight (lbs) 650
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