Combat and training aircraft engines

Wholly designed, developed and produced by Safran Aircraft Engines, the M88 and M53 power the Rafale and Mirage, respectively, two of the world's highest performance multirole fighters. Perfectly suited to a wide range of combat missions, these engines have largely proven their qualities in theaters around the world.

Atar, a legacy of success

Safran Aircraft Engines' Atar jet engines power the Dassault Aviation Mirage F1, Mirage 50 (Atar 09K50) and Mirage 5 (Atar 09C) combat aircraft, along with the carrier-borne Super-Etendard (Atar 08k50).

Atar jet engines have largely proven their reliability in combat during a number of operations over the years, and established the standard for their era, with over 8 million flight-hours in total. More than 1,100 of the latest 09K50 and 08K50 versions were produced. Their hydromechanical control system and electronic computer give them very flexible operability and exceptional ease of handling, along with a top speed of Mach 2.2.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS (latest version of the engine)
Thrust with Post-Combustion (lbf)  15,737
Thrust without Post-Combustion (lbf) 11,240
Airflow (lb/s) 156.53
Turbine entry temperature (K) 1,203 (1,706°F)
Pressure ratio 6.15
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