Snecma at the European City of Science

Snecma will be participating in the special "European City of Science" exhibition and forum organized at the Grand Palais in Paris from November 14 to 16.

Based at the SAFRAN stand (23B in the L'Aéroport/Airport neighborhood), Snecma will be focusing on the role played by aircraft engines, and on various research efforts designed to reduce the environmental impact of the air transport industry, by decreasing noise and CO2 emissions.

Snecma will also be showcasing some of the innovative research under way in joint European projects such as Clean Sky, Vital, Newac and Silence(R).

Also on display will be several new engine design concepts, such as the counter-rotating fan and the open rotor, reflecting Snecma's ongoing efforts to decrease its engines' fuel consumption, and therefore emissions.

More information on Snecma environmental policy.

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