First test of Vinci® M3 engine a success!

The first test of the third Vinci® cryogenic rocket engine built by Snecma took place successfully on Thursday, May 27, on the P4 test rig at the German aerospace center DLR’s facility in Lampoldshausen.

Vinci®" />The test included an initial firing sequence lasting 450 seconds, then a simulated 80-minute ballistic phase, ending with a second chilldown of the engine. This first test will enable engineers to characterize Vinci® over an extended operating envelope.

The new-generation Vinci® cryogenic rocket engine is intended for a new upper stage on the Ariane 5 launcher. Using the expander cycle, Vinci® delivers world-class performance and develops nearly 40,000 pounds of thrust. It can be restarted several times in flight, giving the launcher greater flexibility to place satellites into geostationary transfer orbit. It will increase the launcher’s payload capacity by nearly two metric tons. The first flight test of the Vinci® engine is expected in 2016 or 2017.

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