This portal is dedicated to suppliers, open 24/7 from the Safran Aircraft Engines website, bolsters the relationship between Safran Aircraft Engines and its suppliers by allowing them to exchange commercial documents and supply chain data anywhere in the world.

The e-Supplier portal hosts a number of specific applications:

  • e-Supply for submitting and tracking orders and purchasing programs, as well as managing supply chain flows (deliveries, supplier rankings, etc.).
  • e-Doc for distributing technical and Quality documents required for contracts.
  • e-Reception
  • e-Users Management to change user profiles and passwords.

The e-Supplier portal was launched to address ever-growing demand for greater efficiency. An integral component in the "extended enterprise", this portal is part of a Group-wide initiative to optimize purchasing and supply chain management. e-Supplier will improve responsiveness at every stage in the supply chain.

You are a Safran Aircraft Engines supplier but have access issues:


To resolve any access' problem, please contact the help desk :
Tel.: (33) 1 40 60 27 00

You are an authorized supplier of Safran Aircraft Engines and you do not yet have access to our e-Supplier applications. 

You must contact your referring buyer at Safran Aircraft Engines who will explain the procedure to be followed and will send you the files to complete.
An EDA (External Delegate Administrator) will be appointed in your teams to be the point of contact with Safran Aircraft Engines teams and manage access to the different e-supplier portal applications.
In the event of a change of the representative (EDA) of your company, please contact your referring buyer.





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