The e-qualité portal is a single web interface used to manage waivers, procurement non-quality events (ENQA1), production permits (PP2) and corrective action requests (DAC3). Using the cockpits, you can track progress on all non-quality events, in general or in detail.

Better traceabilty of non-quality events:

  • You can attach files to each non-quality event (up to 20MB/file) and handle events without multiple email copies.
  • Long lists of figures, such as the table of defects/deviations, can be prepared in Excel then imported via the portal.


Real-time processing for enhanced visibility and responsiveness 

  • This Web interface is connected directly to Safran Aircraft Engines' quality system. It can filter events, files and part numbers according to the supplier who is connected.
  • When a waiver is closed by Safran Aircraft Engines, an email is automatically sent to the supplier.


Decision-aid modules integrated in the portal

  • The portal features Statistics and Multicriteria Search modules. These powerful quality improvement applications facilitate analysis and statistical process control (SPC). One search example is: list Quality Escape type waivers, now closed, issued over the last three months, concerning the article number 011-022-033.
  • Graphics charts and the associated data can be exported into Excel.

Acces to e-qualité

ENQA1: Procurement Non-Quality Event
PP2 : Production Permit
DAC3 : Corrective Action Request

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