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Engine dismantling and recycling

Tarmac Aerosave (Tarbes Advanced Recycling & Maintenance Aircraft Company) is the first company which provides environmentally-friendly dismantling of aircraft at end of life, based on the recycling of parts and materials.

In addition to its dismantling business, Tarmac Aerosave offers a full range of services, including short-term storage of aircraft prior to their deconstruction. These services are available to all aircraft owners (all types of aircraft, civil or military).

Tarmac Aerosave comprises six industrial partners: Airbus; SUEZ Environnement ; Safran Aircraft Engines ; Equip'Aéro; TASC aviation (Airbus subsidiary); Aéroconseil.

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Tarmac Aerosave
Aeroport de Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées
65380 Azereix
Phone: +33 (0) 5 67 19 84 14


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