Gennevilliers - France


Forge, foundry and machining of parts

Safran Aircraft Engines' Gennevilliers plant, located 15 km from Paris on the banks of the river Seine, has built up unrivaled expertise in the forging, casting and machining of aircraft engine parts over the last 50 years. The plant employs nearly 1,400 people, and spans 156,000 square meters (1,684,800 sq ft) of workshops, offices and technical facilities.

Safran Aircraft Engines has organized the plant in three centers of industrial excellence :

  • compressor blades
  • turbine blades (only present at Gennevilliers)
  • rotating parts.

The Gennevilliers plant manufactures a wide range of parts and subassemblies for aircraft engines, covering four main product families :

  • forged parts (as-forged turbine disks, drums and casings made of nickel and titanium alloy and powder metallurgy)
  • titanium alloy precision-forged fan blades
  • equal-axis investment-cast turbine blades
  • cast parts for combustors, turbine rings, exhaust casings, etc.

The Gennevilliers plant is gearing up for the future by investing in the development of new 3D modeling software and new production processes (e.g., shape drilling technology). It also produces high-tech products, such as as-forged integrally-bladed disks (blisks).

The Gennevilliers plant is certified ISO 9001.

Safran Aircraft Engines Gennevilliers
171 boulevard de Valmy - BP 31 
92702 Colombes Cedex 
Phone: +33 (0)1 47 60 72 06
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 60 73 00

GPS address
48° 56' 12" NORD
2° 15' 24" EST


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