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Machining and finishing of compressor blades

In February 2003 Creuzet Aéronautique and Safran Aircraft Engines set up a joint venture in Poland to manufacture aircraft engine parts.
Creuzet Polska is jointly owned by Creuzet Aéronautique with a 70% share, and Safran Aircraft Engines, with the remaining 30%. The company is located in Sedziszow, southeast Poland. It shares the premises of Safran Aircraft Engines Polska, a Safran group plant that was inaugurated on February 14, 2003.
Creuzet Polska machines and finishes compressor blades using semi-finished products supplied by Creuzet Aéronautique's plant in Marmande.

Ul. Partyzantow 29
120 Sedziszow Mlp
Poland 39
Phone: +(48-17) 222 0015
Fax: +(48-17) 222 0035


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