Power and performance

Safran Aircraft Engines is a major partner on GE's large turbofan engine programs, contributing its expertise in the design and development of high- and low-pressure compressors and composite parts.

Bringing the best in Safran Aircraft Engines' technology to the large turbofan engine market

Safran Aircraft Engines contributes its latest technological innovations in fans, compressors and turbines to a number of GE's large turbofan engines.

Safran Aircraft Engines has a 23.7% stake in the GE90, the most powerful commercial aircraft engine in the world, powering the Boeing 777 family, taking charge of the design and production of high- and low-pressure compressors. In addition, Safran Aircraft Engines and GE have created an equally-owned subsidiary, CFAN, to provide composite fan blades for the GE90.

For the new GE9X engine, selected by Boeing as the exclusive powerplant on its new 777X long-range, widebody twin, Safran Aircraft Engines will be contributing its expertise in 3D woven RTM composite materials by developing and producing the fan case. The use of this innovative high-added-value technology will deliver significant weight savings. Safran Aircraft Engines will also supply the turbine rear frame and, via joint subsidiary CFAN, the composite fan blades.

Safran Aircraft Engines' contributions to other programs include the high-pressure compressor for the GP7200, which powers the Airbus A380; production, assembly and testing for the CF6-80; and production of composite fan blades (via CFAN) for GEnx engines on the Boeing 787 and 747-8.

Safran Aircraft Engines is also the exclusive provider of MRO services for the compressors on the GE90, and the high-pressure compressor on the GP7200, while supplying the associated tools. The company calls on its technical expertise, industrial capabilities and worldwide network to provide a complete range of operator services, including 24/7 engine support, and by-the-hour support contracts. Safran Aircraft Engines also deploys a network of dedicated service reps at airlines operating the GE90, to meet their specific requirements.


Engine GE90-94B GE90-115B CF6-80 GP7200 GEnx
Applications Boeing 777-200 / 777-200ER 777-200ER / 777-300ER / 777 Freighter Airbus A300 / A310 / A330 200 / 300 // Boeing 747 / 767 / MD-11 Airbus A380 Boeing 747-8 / Boeing 787
Max. takeoff thrust (lbf/kN) 94,000/425 115,300/512 50,000-72,000/233-320 70,000-85,000/332-357 66,500-76,100/296-338
Bypass ratio 8.40-9 9 5.3 8.7 7.4-9
Fan diameter (in/mm) 134/3,403 135/3,429 144/2,895 116/2,980 104.7
Number of fan/low-pressure/high-pressure compressor stages 1+3+10 1+4+9 1+4+14 1+5+9 1+4+10
Number of low-pressure/high-pressure turbine stages 6+2 6+2 5+2 6+2 6+2


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