The CFM56 success story

CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE, develops, produces and markets CFM56® engines, which now power some 13,400 single-aisle commercial jetliners worldwide. Renowned for its unparalleled reliability and low cost of ownership, the CFM56 is the best-selling engine in the history of aviation.

From the CFM56-2 to the CFM56-5C 

CFM has developed a number of versions of the CFM56 over the last four decades to address evolving market demand. These engines are still in service on both military and civil aircraft, and Safran Aircraft Engines, via CFM, deploys a global support network and a complete range of services to meet all customer requirements: on-wing and depot level maintenance, spare parts, etc.


  • The CFM56-2 was the first member of the CFM56 family. It pioneered the medium-thrust high-bypass turbofan concept, and introduced the single-stage high-pressure turbine layout to reduce maintenance costs. The DC-8 was the first aircraft to be powered by the CFM56-2. These engines are still in service today on several military aircraft based on Boeing airframes (KC-135, AWACS).
  • The CFM56-3 played a major role in the success of the CFM56 family. Specially developed for the Boeing 737-300, it made its first flight on the aircraft in 1984. Reliable and robust, the CFM56-3 supports high-cycle operations while ensure on-time performance.
  • The CFM56-5A was the launch engine for the Airbus A320 family. Offering exceptional dispatch reliability, it was the first engine in the family to incorporate full authority digital engine control (FADEC).
  • The CFM56-5C is the most powerful engine in the CFM56 family, and the quietest engine in its thrust class (31,200 to 34,000 pounds). Purpose-designed for the Airbus A340-200 and A340-300 four-engine jetliners, the CFM56-5C – which entered service in 1993 – is the only engine in the family used on long-haul flights.



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