SaM146: performance and adaptability

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Safran Aircraft Engines developed and produces the SaM146 engine for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jet through PowerJet, a 50/50 joint company with Russian engine-maker UEC Saturn. Right from the time it entered revenue service, the SaM146 clearly demonstrated its adaptability to all operating environments, and excellent dispatch reliability despite its intensive use.

An exceptional dispatch reliability


Availability, reliability and low operating costs are the watchwords in regional aviation, because these "high-cycle" aircraft see intensive daily use.

Designed to meet these challenges, the SaM146 is a complete integrated propulsion system, developed by Safran Aircraft Engines and UEC Saturn through PowerJet, their 50/50 joint company. The SaM146 is purpose-designed for the new-generation Superjet 100 regional jet, and develops 15,400 to 17,800 lbs of thrust, in different versions. Its architecture is derived from the industry-leading CFM56 turbofan, meaning that it benefits from Safran Aircraft Engines' top technologies, in particular 3D aero design. Because of these advanced technologies, coupled with fewer stages, the SaM146 offers significant advantages over other engines in its thrust class, in terms of fuel consumption, environmental footprint and maintenance.


Since entering service in 2011, the SaM146 has posted an exceptional dispatch reliability rate of 99.9%, adaptability to all operating environments, and offers reduced maintenance costs compared to the others engines in its category.

The SaM146 is available in two versions, the 1S17 and 1S18. The latter extends the SSJ100's range, using a simple software modification.

PowerJet also offers all SSJ100 operators a complete range of dedicated support services, under the PowerLife™ label.




An integrated propulsion system


PowerJet supplies an optimized integrated propulsion system, comprising the engine and its accessories, plus the nacelle and thrust reverser from Safran Nacelles. Through PowerJet, Safran Aircraft Engines is responsible for the design and certification of all versions of the SaM146, the development and production of the engine core, control systems and power transmission, system integration and flight testing.


Safran Aircraft Engines (blue part): Core, power transmission, control systems
UEC Saturn (red part): Fan, low-pressure compressor and turbine


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