Silvercrest: higher, faster, farther

Silvercrest® is a new-generation jet engine, specifically designed and built by Safran Aircraft Engines for premium business jets in the super-midsize category. With unrivaled performance in its thrust class, the Silvercrest® will set the new standard in this market.

Silvercrest 2C for the Cessna Citation Hemisphere

In 2016, Cessna Aircraft Company has selected the Silvercrest® engine engine has been selected by to power the new large-cabin Citation Hemisphere business jet. The Hemisphere will offer a range of 4,500- nautical miles and is targeted to make its first flight in 2019. 

The Silvercrest® business jet engine will enable the Citation Hemisphere to fly higher, faster, farther with a reduced  environmental footprint.

Application Cessna Citation Hemisphere
Max. takeoff thrust (lbf)  12,000
Bypass ratio 5.9
Fan diameter (in)  42.5
Number of stages: fan/low-pressure compressor/ high-pressure compressor 1 + 4 + 4 (blisks) +1 centrifugal stage
Number of turbine stages: low-pressure/high-pressure 4 + 1
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